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All of us know more than one of us...     It’s more than a book…

Most problems and crises we face have ceased to be local or national, they are international.
Think, for instance, Corona, Climate, Corruption, Conflict or Crime.
But when we look at how we prepare for, respond to, and recover from these problems and crises, we rarely see an international approach, we rarely see an international system perspective.

How come? And what are the roadblocks that stand in the way?
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Authors: Eelco H. Dykstra, Ramy R. El-Khoury and 20/20 Vision Fellows.
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-9034881-0
© Copyright 2021 Eelco H. Dykstra, M.D.



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The book “Catching Corona…” provides readers with this international perspective and a systematic analysis of the reasons why we are not particularly good at taking full advantage of lessons learned. The book depicts what happens when a small group of individuals decides to embark on a journey to change the system for the better. It’s a playful, “What If…?” scenario on how one can plan, organize, and conduct an international contest as a made-for-TV event. Nine ‘national’ teams rehearse and go on stage to present recommendations on how to bypass (or solve…) the ‘Nine Universal Roadblocks’ that stand in the way of implementing lessons learned. The format of this ‘Global Corona Contest’ is like the Eurovision Song Contest in that it includes a vote. A vote by the public and by professionals.

And that’s where you, the reader comes in – and why “Catching Corona…” is more than a book. Purchasing the book is an admission ticket for readers to vote and join an international dialogue. Readers can thus make more sense of any crisis, including the Corona crisis, by formulating their opinion and submitting answers to three questions:

  • Which of the Nine Roadblocks presented is to you the most important or urgent one?
  • Can you briefly explain why you chose that one and not the others?
  • How would you bypass or solve the Roadblock you gave a ‘priority one’?

Each reader participating in this mass-brainstorming exercise will receive feedback on its results and outcome. So, there’s no reason not to work together to ‘harvest the collective wisdom of the crowd.’ All of us know more than one of us… 

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